Vacuum manual pump for food sealing bags

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A manual air vacuum pump is a portable, hand-operated device used to create a vacuum by removing air from a sealed container or system. It’s versatile and ideal for applications like food storage, laboratory experiments, and emergency situations where electricity is unavailable.


Product Name Manual Air Vacuum Pump
Size 3.8X14.5cm
Color  Customizable acceptable
Packaging Customizable acceptable
MOQ 500pc
Payment term T/T, L/C,Trade Assurance Order, Western Union
OEM/ODM Accepptable
Material ABS+Silica gel
Certification BSCI
Sample Cost Free samples can be provide, but deliver is on your cost
Package Box
Usage Inflate and deflate
Feature Double Action,High-efficient

A manual air vacuum pump is a simple and portable device used to create a vacuum or remove air from a sealed container or system. It typically consists of a hand-operated pump with a handle and a gauge to measure the level of vacuum generated.

Here are some key features and uses of a manual air vacuum pump:

  1. Manual Operation: The pump is manually operated by hand, requiring the user to pump the handle to create a vacuum. This makes it suitable for situations where electricity or other power sources are not available.
  2. Vacuum Creation: The manual pump removes air from a container or system, creating a vacuum. It can be used with vacuum bags, containers, or other compatible vessels to preserve food, store sensitive items, or perform various experiments and processes.
  3. Portable and Compact: Manual air vacuum pumps are often compact and lightweight, making them highly portable and easy to carry for use in different locations.
  4. Versatility: These pumps can be used for various applications, such as food storage, laboratory experiments, automotive repairs, and more.
  5. Pressure Gauge: Many manual air vacuum pumps come with a pressure gauge to monitor and control the level of vacuum being created.
  6. Manual Seal: Some models may also include a manual seal feature, allowing users to create an airtight seal after removing the air.

While manual air vacuum pumps are not as powerful as electric or mechanical vacuum pumps, they offer a cost-effective and convenient solution for small-scale vacuum needs and situations where mobility and simplicity are essential. They are particularly useful for camping, traveling, or emergency situations where access to power sources is limited.