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Ziplock bags are resealable plastic pouches with a zipper closure, commonly used for storing food, small items, and organizing belongings. They offer an airtight and convenient solution for preserving freshness and preventing spills. Various sizes and shapes are available for versatile household, travel, and storage applications.


Product Name Ziplock Bags
Artwork format AI, PDF, EPS, High-resolution JPG File
Technology Vacuum thermoforming and die cutting
Feature Recyclable & disposable
Lead time Color boxes 7-10 days, handmade boxes15~20 days, stickers 3~7days.
Payment T/T, L/C, Paypal, Western Union, etc.
Delivery Term FOB, CIF, CFR, EXW, Express, Door to Door
Certification ISO9001: 2008, SGS, Factory Audit, FSC
Design Customer supply, Design Department supply
Packing pp string,pp strap,pp string+packing paper,carton,carton+pallet+wrapping film
Transport By sea, By land, By courier, By air
MOQ 500 pcs

Ziplock bags, also known as resealable bags or zipper bags, are a type of flexible plastic pouch with a resealable zip closure. These bags are widely used for storing and preserving various items, especially food and small objects. The zipper closure allows the bag to be opened and closed repeatedly, providing a secure and airtight seal to keep the contents fresh and protected.

Key features and uses of Ziplock bags include:

  1. Material: Ziplock bags are typically made from high-quality, food-grade polyethylene (PE) plastic, which is durable, transparent, and resistant to tearing or puncturing.
  2. Resealable Zipper: The most distinctive feature of Ziplock bags is the resealable zipper mechanism located at the top of the bag. It allows for easy opening and closing, enabling users to access the contents without needing to use additional closures like tape or twist ties.
  3. Airtight Seal: When the zipper is closed properly, Ziplock bags create an airtight and watertight seal. This makes them suitable for storing perishable food items, preventing spills, and protecting delicate objects from moisture and dust.
  4. Size and Shape Variations: Ziplock bags come in various sizes and shapes to accommodate different storage needs. They are available in gallon, quart, sandwich, snack, and other sizes.
  5. Food Storage: Ziplock bags are commonly used for storing fruits, vegetables, meat, snacks, sandwiches, and other food items. They are convenient for meal prepping, freezing leftovers, and packing lunches.
  6. Household and Travel Use: Ziplock bags are useful for organizing small items like jewelry, craft supplies, toiletries, and medications. They are also employed for carrying liquids through airport security, as they comply with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) guidelines for travel-sized containers.
  7. Environmental Considerations: Some Ziplock bags are designed for multiple uses, making them a more sustainable option compared to single-use bags. Additionally, there are eco-friendly alternatives made from biodegradable or compostable materials.

While Ziplock bags are versatile and practical, it’s essential to properly clean and dry them between uses to maintain hygiene and prevent cross-contamination, especially when used for food storage. Using them responsibly and opting for reusable or eco-friendly options can contribute to reducing plastic waste and environmental impact.