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A FoodSaver vacuum sealer is an efficient food preservation device. Using suction technology, it removes air from specially designed bags to extend food shelf life. Its versatile features and user-friendly design make it a popular choice for preserving various foods and reducing waste in both homes and commercial settings.


Product Name Food Saver Vacuum Sealer
Product Dimensions 417.7*83.7*66.5mm
Vacuum Seal Time 18s
Voltage AC100-240V 50-60HZ
Sealing width 27.5cm length sealing
Features Dry Ingredients, Soft Ingredients, Particle ingredients ,Fruits and etc.
Advantage Strong suction, Smart pop open lid, One-click vacuum, Fixed seal design
Application Household/Commercial,Kitchen,Offices,Hotels,Restaurant
OEM&ODM Support Custom Color, Logo, etc
Max Sealing Width (cm) 30cm
Product Function Preservation / Vacuum / Sealing
MOQ 500 pcs

A FoodSaver vacuum sealer is a popular brand of vacuum sealer machines used for food preservation. FoodSaver is known for its innovative and efficient vacuum sealing technology, which helps extend the shelf life of various food items by removing air and sealing them in airtight bags or containers.

Key features of FoodSaver vacuum sealers include:

  1. Vacuum Sealing Technology: FoodSaver vacuum sealers use advanced suction technology to remove air from specially designed vacuum-sealing bags or containers. By eliminating air and reducing oxygen exposure, the growth of bacteria and spoilage is minimized, keeping food fresh for longer.
  2. Sealing Options: FoodSaver vacuum sealers typically offer different sealing options, allowing users to customize the sealing process based on the type of food being preserved. Some models provide options for moist or dry food, as well as gentle or strong vacuum settings.
  3. Built-in Roll Storage and Cutter: Many FoodSaver models have a built-in roll storage compartment that holds vacuum sealing rolls, allowing users to create custom-sized bags. The machines also come with a built-in cutter for easy and precise bag cutting.
  4. Accessory Port: FoodSaver vacuum sealers often come with an accessory port that allows users to connect various vacuum-sealing accessories, such as jar sealers and bottle stoppers, to preserve non-solid or liquid items effectively.
  5. Marinate Mode: Some FoodSaver models have a marinate mode, which allows users to infuse flavors into meats and other food items quickly using the vacuum sealing process.
  6. Compact and User-friendly Design: FoodSaver vacuum sealers are designed to be user-friendly and compact, making them suitable for both home and commercial use. They are easy to operate and require minimal maintenance.

FoodSaver vacuum sealers are commonly used for preserving a wide range of foods, including meats, vegetables, fruits, cheese, and leftovers. They are also suitable for sous vide cooking, as the airtight seal ensures even and precise cooking results.

Overall, FoodSaver vacuum sealers have become a popular choice for individuals and businesses looking to reduce food waste, extend the shelf life of perishable items, and maintain the freshness and quality of their food products.